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While using Personal Shuttle vehicle a GPS APP: taximtr is used to calculate the amount due. To process the transaction a Square Register app or an equilivant is used.

The App settings and prices set are as follows:

pick up fee

$10.00 minimum

non refundable. $1.50 per mile after unless your vehicle is used (per Person)

Credit Card Prossesing Fee.

The Fee Square charges to prosses your payment method 

This is a Fee charged on top of tariff when paying via a credt card.

Please reload

When driver reaches your home if you prefer to use your own vehicle.

There needs to be a place to park a vehicle during the use of your vehicle. 


To use your vehicle it needs to be in good  safe running condition.

Full coverage insurance must remain active on the vehicle during the trip.

Fuel and other fluids for the vehicle and maintenance for the trip is your responsibility.


Return cost if vehicle trip is one way. 

other possible fees

Call to clarify based on your trip.

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